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The Rest

I was talking to God about “the rest” and how people are having a hard time figuring it out and how it works. This is what the Lord shared to me.

Being in “the rest” seems wrong when there is so much going on in the world, but the Lord is never wrong when He tells us to rest. As I rest in God, I’ve been getting to know Jesus’ heart and getting to know myself. I am seeing my image in Christ more clearly. He is dressing me with all who He is, and He’s showing me how to live and breath, as a spirit child. The more and more I spend time with Him the more I have grown like Him.

He is making us ready in this place of rest – to be ready for battle that we will be fighting at the end times with our Savior. Unless we come into this rest, we will not be ready. We will be unable to stand strong.

In the story of the virgins (Matthew 25), half of them did not keep their oil lamps full. We need every drop of oil for God’s army. What does this army look like? Full of limitless love, faithfulness that is infinite, righteousness that is unmovable, and judgement, which is wisdom. Jesus is changing us into His bride that no one will be able to touch. We will be the Ox, Eagle Lion and Man that will bring truth, love, compassion and justice to the world.

I believe that every one of us needs to live in the rest, and that we get to release our selves from the natural self and more who we are in the Spirit. Jesus wants us to know who we really are so we won’t waver.

As we wait for the final battle every day, we will notice a change in our self. We will have a love that’s like honey, dripping over the people that are in our lives, a bold faithfulness that is in every word that Holy Spirit lays upon our heart, a righteousness that never wavers, but is unmovable, and be filled with judgement which is wisdom to know. There will be nothing that can touch us. We will not be moved by any shenanigans.

As God assigns His word to us each day, we get to fulfill what’s on His heart, that will develop into a longing in our heart to go deeper in the rest. We all get different assignments from God; every one is equally important. As we move with God we are growing in the likeness of Jesus.

But, the first thing is to rest in Jesus, where we get ourselves dressed as His Bride in the fullness of Him.

In Hebrews 1:13, God told Jesus go sit at His right hand, until He forced our whispering enemies to be a rug under your feet. Here we see God telling Jesus go rest.

There will be nothing we can’t conquer living in the rest with Jesus.

Oh, how Jesus loves us, He comes undone when He sees us setting under the apple tree eating His fruit. He will transport us into His house of wine, His tribe of love. We are so loved when we come untangled and see the beauty He has made for Himself. There is only one thing to say, Holy, Holy, Holy the Lord God almighty!


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