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Protected By The Blood of Jesus

My son came down all of a sudden with a very bad cough. We had him tested and the result came back positive for Covid-19. Then, a couple of days later, my husband was showing symptoms as well. Both him and I got tested; his test came back positive and mine was negative.

The virus affected my husband far worse than my son and, at times, I had thought that he would need to be hospitalized if it became any worse. He was especially having difficulty breathing, beyond the other symptoms.

Throughout it all, God was faithful. He/Jesus/Holy Spirit gave me the strength to cook, clean, change towels and bed linens and tend to their needs. Two weeks later, all is well. Both are cured and God remained faithful.

Maybe God answers prayers sometimes before they are even prayed, because it seems that I was safe even before anyone started praying, since my son was infectious three days before the symptoms started and I was in direct contact with him at home and while driving him back and forth to school.

When asked why I didn’t test positive, I said that it was because I am covered in the Blood of Jesus. While this may have not been acknowledged by others, God proved it. After standing through a virus-infused atmosphere and in constant direct contact with it, I did not become sick.

There were also many brothers and sisters praying for us. The power of prayer! I am so grateful to each and every one for their support!

All credit to the Blood. Glory be to God! Glory be to Jesus! They alone get the glory!


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