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Walking in HIs Word – Psalm 23: 3

God’s Word is the place where he restores and revives our lives. Through his Word, he opens before us the pathways to his pleasure and leads us along his footsteps of righteousness – so we can bring honor to his name.

“Oh God,” I found myself praying recently, “take me to the depth of your heart! It is your pleasure to lead me in your footsteps and to be mingled in the righteousness that you are, and where you restore and revive me. Wow, you actually do that! You actually tell me to hide in you, the place wherein you purify me.”

“Well,” I resolved, “I am going to be a woman that you hide in your heart.”

I then had a sense that I was standing in the garden of my heart. As I looked around, Jesus was standing with me. He seemed to be excited about something. As I glanced around the garden, I spotted a light in the distance. He seemed to be highlighting that area.

“Holy Spirit,” I prayed, “reveal to me what the Father wants me to know.”

I started moving towards the light and, when I arrived, Jesus seemed to be even more excited than he was before.

“What is it?” I asked.

I became like a little girl at Christmas time, and I could hardly wait to open my presents. Bursting with anticipation, I started to tear the paper off. It was then that I realized that I was receiving the only thing I ever needed and wanted – the kisses of his presence.

Well, this little girl started to swirl around in what appeared now as a room full of light. I knew I was one with him, as joy rose up as a happiness that was nothing like I had had before. God was showing me a special place in his heart where he and I were one.

Years ago, the Lord had taken me to a similar room that seemed to be empty, but had this light that I could not explain. I have thought of it often over the years. “Why the room?” I would think. “What’s this all about?”

And, here all along, it had been God’s presence, which is light, and where we receive his kisses.


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