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Dec 1, 2021

I am economically whole. God’s promise to supply, multiply my supply, increase the harvest of my activity and enrich me in every way means that I can be “generous on every occasion.” (2 Cor. 9:11) With the resourceful nature of Holy Spirit dwelling inside me I can take stock, make changes and build financial foundations. My wealth is therefore increased and I can be a blessing to many.

Laurie Langdon

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Nov 23, 2021

Today, and in my world, diet- and lifestyle-related sickness and malfunctioning body parts are being corrected as I am enabled to live in agreement with my body’s design. My immune system is strong, reasons for sickness are removed and germs are effectively resisted. I am “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Ps. 139:14)

Laurie Langdon

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Message Quotes

God's #1 Super Power is Forgiveness!

Confession of sins is the most import aspect of our  Christian life.

Jeff McCracken