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My Little Family Story

Our oldest 11-year-old daughter has been asking for us to do “family paintings.” What she had in mind was that we each would have a canvas that we would paint and then we would hang them all on the wall. She has been wanting to do this for over a year now and has frequently requested that we do it, but the timing has never worked out.

A few weeks ago, the Children’s Ministry lesson involved us making cheerleader pom-poms, which I figured our 2 girls would be super excited about. But, my 11-year-old asked again, “Why don’t we do our family paintings during church this morning?”

The timing seemed to be perfect, so we decided that’s what we would do. Before we started, she said she felt we were to paint about what God’s love meant to us.

The pictures are below!

Our 8-year-old daughter painted the one that has the saying on it, “Jesus always has a hand to hold when you need it.” She said, “It just came to me.”

To me, it was a God-appointed and very meaningful morning that we will never forget!


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