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Salvation in the Laundromat

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I woke up at 5:00 am one morning recently and heard God say, “Please be at the Laundromat at 10:00 am today.”

So, my husband and I set out to be there at that time. There was nobody there except a lady who left abruptly as soon as we got there, so we waited. In a short while, however, the same lady returned muttering something about losing money in the slot in the washing machine.

We started with some small talk and soon came around to saying, “We believe the Lord asked us to be here at 10:00 o’clock and that we are to pray for you.”

“Well, I am a Mormon,” she said.

We said, “That’s ok. You have a need and we just want to pray for you.”

Well, she started to weep. It turned out that she was in a very unhealthy and abusive relationship with a man and she needed to get out.

As I reached out to hug her, she grabbed on and held on and sobbed and sobbed. We prayed with her and, within a relatively short period of time, she had a beautiful encounter with her loving Heavenly Father. Furthermore, we had the wonderful privilege of leading her to Christ! In a very brief period of time, she moved out of fear and uncertainty to a place where she knew that her sins were forgiven and that she was a child of God!

God is on the move!

Praise God!


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