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Double Puppy Blessing

Our female dog Gracie was having puppies. After puppy number 5 she had a long break.

I prayed, “Thank you Daddy God for these 5 puppies and that our Gracie is doing well. If that’s all she will be having, that is fine. But, if you blessed us with 7 puppies, then we would be able to keep one.”

Well, after over an hour, the sixth puppy appeared. “Yeah God,” I said

Then Gracie wanted outside. So, I followed her out. She wandered around a bit and, to my amazement, number 7 popped out right in the snow! I scooped it up, Gracie licked it all off and we joined it with the others. I was so excited that we could keep a puppy!

With Christmas bills, Reno’s and van repairs, we needed a certain amount to catch up. God so provided for us! That day I was reminded that He knows our needs. And actually, as a bonus, Gracie gave us 2 more puppies after that – 9 in total. I am so thankful. God does hear our prayers – even for puppies.

But the blessing continues!

I had shared on Facebook about the puppies and, before we knew it, they were all spoken for. We were amazed at how connections were made with people, and how we easily became friends. Seeing and hearing the excitement of the people getting their pup is actually the best part of having puppies.

One family had tried twice to adopt a dog and were on a few litter lists, but never ended up with a puppy. So, they gave up. A friend of theirs saw our post and they connected with us right away. They said it was meant to be. They are such a nice family, and I believe we will be seeing them up in the summer.

The Mom of another family, so thrilled to get their puppy, looked at me and said, “You’re making miracles happen!”

Wow, that touched our hearts!

Thank you, God!

Whether it is giving or receiving, blessings abound all around!

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