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Knowing Things Before They Happen

I’m on the road. I have a time deadline. I have my company GPS and some experience with a route that’s a little different than the one on the GPS. My route should get me where I need to go and on time. I’m feeling very confident that I know the way. When the company GPS declares “out of route” I press on “feeling secure in the choice I have made.”

This past Sunday it was the story of Elisha and his servant, that great early morning when Elisha prayed for God to open his servant’s eyes to the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth! Karen, in her children’s moment made this wonderful parallel, “What if you could know things, before they happen, because God told you?”

Pretty cool stuff what we read about in The Book.

So, I’m driving “my route,” and after a couple hours I get this nudge, “What might the company GPS have to say?”

Well, I hit the reroute button and it suggests to me that in one mile I can take a turn off. I look at the number of miles to my destination and it still fits within my time frame. So, I decide to trust the company GPS and try something new.

Wouldn’t you know, as I take this turn and start making my way down the highway, things are starting to look really familiar! In fact, this is the route I had been planning to take all along. Then it dawns on me, that nudge that I mentioned above, it was the Holy Spirit!

Apparently, if I had been left to my own that day, I would have driven right by the off-ramp I needed to take and would have driven way out of route and messed up my deadline. But God, in his amazing mercy gave me a nudge. He even let me to take the route I had intended to travel.

We often say, “God is faithful, even if He waits to the last minute.”

Well, this day, God showed me He was faithful, even waiting to the last mile.

I just praised Him for the rest of the trip. God you are so amazing. Just like Karen suggested, wouldn’t it be cool if you could know things, before they happen. God did that for me.


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