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Big Gun Brothers

Brother # 1 calls Brother # 2 and says, “Hey Brother # 2, I was talking to Brother # 3 and he has been involved in an accident at work and he is having a rough time. Since you’re the spiritual ‘big guns,’ can I pick you up and we can go visit and minister to Brother # 3?”

“Sure,” says Brother # 2.

So, Brother # 1 picks up Brother # 2 and they head over to Brother # 3’s house. Brother # 3 is so happy to see Brother # 1 and Brother # 2. During the course of their conversation, Brother # 3 mentions that he is stressed out about having to fill out all the WSIB paperwork, so Brother # 2 starts working away at it, while Brother # 1 continues to encourage Brother # 3.

The 3 Brothers are soon engaged in some great spiritual conversation and Brother # 3 seems to be experiencing some relief.

The paperwork is completed by Brother # 2 and they start praying. Brother # 2, hitherto referred to as the ‘big guns,’ starts praying and releasing words of deliverance and power over and into Brother # 3. Brother # 2 then tags off to Brother # 1, who also starts praying and releasing words of deliverance and power over and into Brother # 3.

The light of God’s presence seemed to enter Brother # 3’s soul as Brother # 1 and Brother # 2 ministered to him! It was glorious!

When things started to wind down, Brother # 2 looked over at Brother # 1 and said, “Hey, look at you! Who’s the ‘big guns’ now?”

The three Brothers then blessed each other and parted. Several follow up calls later confirmed that Brother # 3 had received a significant blessing that day via the visit of Brother # 1 and Brother # 2 and, according to the last check-in, Brother # 3 has returned to work, howbeit to light duty for now, and is doing just fine. Praise God!

The moral of this story is two-fold: first, the power of God’s presence to perform signs and wonders is always among Brothers in Christ, and second, no matter what you might think of yourself or your ability to minister to someone, you are always the ‘big guns.’


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