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God showed me how to fix my furnace!

When the cooler weather had arrived, I started up the furnace in my house. All was fine at the time, but a couple days later I noticed it was cooler in the house and realized something was not right. I went and looked at the furnace and it was obvious that it was not running right.

One part that had been replaced a number of years ago was not acting like I thought it should. Since I had gotten that part replaced before, I knew it was not cheap. It's an older furnace, so the tough decision was, “Do I buy the part and put in in myself, hoping that's the problem? Or, do I hire someone who can properly find the problem? Or, do I just say ‘It's time!’ and get the furnace replaced?”

None of these options I liked. But, since it was late, and not too cold yet, I decided I would sort it out in the morning. I went to bed thinking "God, help me figure out the right thing to do." The next morning, I woke up from a dream. I don't dream often, and usually can't remember anything about it when I wake up. But this time I remembered that, in the dream, I was fixing the furnace. I saw myself working on it and, while I couldn't remember more, I did have a sense of – “Go look at it now."

So, I thought, well, maybe I'll take another look. Since I had no replacement parts, all I could do was just check connections and clean things that I could see. When I turned it back on, I heard a noise coming from around the area I was working on in the dream.

"What is that?" I thought.

I remembered that in the dream I had the expensive part mentioned earlier in my hands, but it was not like I was replacing it. I looked closer and found that there were just 4 screws holding it. So, I thought, “Why not give it a look?”

So, I took off the part and, the moment it was “in my hands,” (just like the dream) I realized what was wrong: it needed cleaning in a spot you can only see if you take that part off. So, I cleaned it up, put it back together, turned it back on, and it is now running better than it has for a while.

Through a dream, God not only answered my question as to which option was the right one, but also showed me exactly how to fix it – and avoid ALL the options I did not want!

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