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Just Pray!

Recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, I felt overwhelmed. The internet has numerous suggestions on how to make you feel better. It took some time, but I finally realized that I needed to turn off the computer and pray.

In my prayer I asked God to direct me to the right person, the person that I could trust to help me navigate this illness. Before I finished praying, God had given me the name of friend.

The following day I emailed my friend about my recent diagnosis and asked for her help. The next day there was an email with attachments that contained some helpful information. At the bottom of the email there was a personal note. My friend wanted to share something that she had read that day in her daily devotions. I managed to read the first two sentences before the tears flowed freely.

I give my hands to you Lord, I give my hands to you.

I give my thoughts to you Lord, I give my thoughts to you.

I give my plans to you Lord, I give my plans to you.

Give your hands to me Lord, give your hands to me.

Let your love set me free Lord, let your love set me free.

Keep me close to you Lord, keep me close to you.

Every time I read this the tears flow. They are not tears of sorrow because of my diagnosis. They are tears of joy, knowing that my Savior is with me all the time. All I need to do is pray and lean on Him.

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