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The “Anonymous" Care Package

I just got off the phone with some friends of mine. They told this story.

Somehow, they got on a neighborhood e-mail list. One e-mail had a request to help create care packages for front line workers. They prayed, felt the nudge and pitched in.

Then in time, they received a phone call from a friend from the past. “Hey thank you sooooo much! We received your gift and we just felt so blessed!”

My friends on the phone didn’t know that the names of the gift-givers would be part of the care package. They didn’t even know who would get the gifts. But God did, God knew it all!

Friends were reunited because of the prompting of a neighbor. My phone buddy said yes, and was willing to come alongside what their neighbor was doing, and in the process unknowingly blessed a friend from the past. Neighbors and friends, God loves to use them to reveal His goodness!

God you’re soooo GOOD!

What was thought to be an “anonymous” gift turned out to be more than what you could ask for or imagine!

I just love how God works!


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