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A New Step

After a fairly lengthy season in which, while I still believed in God, I had entered into a time of spiritual “coolness,” I have recently come alive to the reality of what God means to me. In some sense, I am being “revived.”

This was evidenced in an experience I had recently.

I was walking on the plant floor one day recently when I became engaged in a conversation with a man who had been assigned to work on our building. At one point he lowered himself on the lift on which he was standing and we started to talk. It was just a conversation about what he was doing and some other small talk.

Shortly after we parted I returned to my work, but I kept hearing the word “back” over and over again. Not knowing what it meant, but sensing a desire to talk to him again, I felt that there was some significance to this.

So, I reasoned, “If he comes back down again, I am going to go talk to him.”

Well, what do you know? I looked over and he had just started to descend onto the plant floor again because his welding cable blew. So, I approached him and said something like, “God gave me a word that your back was sore and that you injured it playing hockey.”

He was puzzled that I would know something personal like that and replied, “Yes, actually it was my lower back.”

Then I said, “God loves you and he really wants you to be healed.”

As he worked away, I said again, “God really loves you!”

Again, he looked puzzled, and seemed to be in awe.

Now, I am new at this, so did not follow through with actually praying for him right there but, even though it was a small step, it was a first step.

It was a new step!


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