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Healing Sam!

Last week, our dog Sam seemed to have something wrong with his leg. He was limping and favoring it quite a bit and would just stay in his bed all day. This was more concerning to us because, along with him clearly being in a lot of pain, he also stopped eating and drinking for 2 days, his body shivered constantly and he slept most of the day all during last week. He was definitely not the fun and playful dog we knew.

We finally took him to the vet to get checked out. They couldn’t find anything physically wrong with him, but gave us some pain medication for him, and told us to come back for more tests if his pain continued.

A few days went by, and the pain meds helped a little, but the pain, lack of eating and tiredness came back. I felt like I was out of options. It was so stressful that I couldn’t help this dog, and me and my husband knew that vet bills could really add up. Sam’s pain went on for 2 weeks, and each day I became more stressed and worried for our dog.

So, I decided to pray. I laid on the floor next to his cage, laid my hands on his body and I prayed over him. I said “God I believe you can heal Sam. Please release, right now, your healing, and bring relief to his body.”

I did this 3 times throughout the day.

Later that evening I began to notice a change in his sleepiness. He was more alert and active, and 50% better. The next day he continued to improve. He had more energy, and the limp was gone and the shaking was gone. He was eating and, clearly, had more appetite, as he was back to searching the floors for dropped snacks. He resumed barking at people passing outside, running and playing with his toys and snuggling on the couch. He was 90% back to the dog we knew and loved!

His healing continues each day after. I am so grateful and blown away at God’s faithfulness, even with our beloved family pets!

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