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Salvation at Tim Hortons

I had been chatting recently with a brother in Christ whose son-in-law was a non-believer and who had been asking a lot of challenging questions about Christianity. He had been raised in a non-Christian home and was a professing atheist, although he did believe there must be a “Designer” behind the incredible world in which we live.

My brother asked me if he could give him my phone number.

“Absolutley!” I responded.

A month or so passed, but one day I received a text.

“Hey, I got your phone number from my father-in-law. He told me that you might be able to talk with me about God and Jesus and such sometime,” the text read.

So, we arranged to meet at Tim Hortons for a chat, which led to a second chat a couple weeks later. He had a lot of questions, some of which I could answer, but some I could not, confessing that even though I had been serving Christ a number of years, I still have some of the same questions

that he had.

But there was a moment during the second conversation where I felt prompted to ask, “Have you ever talked to God?”

“No,” he replied.

Since I had already shared God’s purpose for his life and His plan of salvation through Christ, I was able to ask another question, “Would you like to receive Christ as your Savior?”

“Yes,” he said.

So, right there and then, sitting at a table at Tim Horton’s, we prayed a simple prayer together, and he received Christ as his personal Saviour!

His readiness to come to Christ and his eagerness to know and grow was beautiful, and continues to be so as we met again this past week. Hallelujah! What a privilege it is to witness God’s saving grace at work! Thank you Jesus!


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