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God Knows What We Need

Recently I lost a good friend. She passed away far too young after contracting the COVID virus. She was a woman of faith that was active in various roles at the church she attended.

I needed something from God. Some kind of assurance that my friend was okay. God knew exactly what I needed. He gave me a vivid picture of my friend walking with Jesus down a dirt road. Jesus was dressed in white with his head covered as the sun shone brightly. He held a shepherd’s crook in one hand. My friend wore the clothes that she loved. A bright red sparkly top, matching her capris and dark sandals. Cat earrings hung from her ear lobes and cat brooches were pinned to her top. Her red hair sparkled in the sunlight. She looked to be about thirty years younger.

My friend looked at Jesus with the innocence of a child. Love flowed freely between the two of them as they laughed and talked.

That night, along with the beautiful picture, God gave me a peace that only He can give. I am thankful that God knows exactly what we need in times of sorrow.


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