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God Is On The Job

I went for a haircut this week and my hair dresser shared the following story with me. It happened that their water pump broke. So, she called for a repair person to come out to their place and fix it. The issue was causing her much concern, especially since she had little or no

knowledge about water pumps, and was concerned it was going to cost a lot of money to repair. When the repair person arrived, she was having a conversation with a friend in her shop, who offered to pray with her regarding the repairs.

“Lord,” she prayed, “let that repair person be able to diagnose the issue quickly and have the right part to do the repairs today. Also, let him request a haircut.”

The repairperson took a look at the water pump and made a quick diagnosis as to what the problem was.

“I can fix it,” he said, “and I have the part you need in my truck. I brought it for another customer and discovered I didn’t need it.”

After the job was complete the repairperson said, “I will return in a week to check to make sure that the pump is working properly. And, could I possibly get a haircut at that time as well?”

A repair person just out doing what he did every day and a hairdresser just doing her job, and God shows up! The repair person found out what the problem was right away, he had the correct part with him and he requested a hair cut. God so delights in answering our prayer – right down to the last detail!


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