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RECAP of House of Praise Stories

Every Home Is A House Of Praise. A Brief Summary

We encountered Christ at Christmas through a re-enactment the Christmas story about Jesus from a child’s perspective – innocent and at its purest form. God was with us that night.

My wife and I made four profound connections with some people who just needed God’s touch. It all happened simply by God’s voice telling us to take a different route on an afternoon walk. I’m so amazed how God is using the telephone lines as his high way. Lately as I have spoken to people, the Holy Spirit has been flowing through me and touching them at the other end.

God is constantly building confidence in me. In intimate times with him he is showing me that I am of great value to him and that I have a special position in his Body, one which can be replicated by no one else.

Our recent lockdown created an opportunity to share God’s plan of salvation with my eight- year-old grandson via a weekly home-grown art project. While the story became peppered with spaceships and super heroes, I will cherish this opportunity forever!

I want to say a big thank you for supporting Fathers Heart Healing Ministries. This is a story of complete Transformation. I will be graduating from the Oil of Joy Program in February!

I am praying more regularly with my grand-daughter. By her responses I am seeing that she is growing to understand that God is real, that he wants to be involved in the everyday things of her life.

I recently connected with an old friend I had led to the Lord 30 years ago. I was delighted to hear him share that he is still convinced of the reality of Jesus and how he continues to be a huge part of his life.

Our dog was having puppies. I asked God to bless her with 7 so I could keep one. He did. Not only were we blessed with the extra income provided by the sale of the 6 puppies, we get to keep one – and make some awesome connections with people in the process!

Our dog Sam had been very sick for two weeks. Trips to the vet and medications were not helping so I prayed over him. The next day he was back to being the dog we knew and loved!

At 5:00 am one morning I heard God say, “Please be at the Laundromat at 10:00 am today.” By the end of the day, a woman who had been in an abusive relationship had a beautiful encounter with her loving Heavenly Father and was gloriously saved!

I have retired, but I was asked recently to fill in at my old place of work, where personnel issues have created a toxic environment. So, before I enter the building, I pray for Holy Spirit to

change the atmosphere. I rejoice that in this difficult and painful situation, God is working to rebuild a healthy team!

I received a call from a friend saying a brother in Christ had a work accident and needed ministry. As we met with him the next day, the light of God’s presence entered his home, our brother received a significant blessing, and he has returned to work, howbeit to light duty for now, and is doing just fine. Praise God!

My word from the Lord recently was this that, while I have been wounded, cast out, thrown away, rejected and misunderstood, I am loved by the King of Kings. He wraps his arms around me and holds me till morning. He can’t get enough of me.

The Lord recently led me to send my somewhat estranged daughter-in-law a text stating my appreciation for her. Whatever impact it had I don’t know, but saying the words I said made me realize how much I needed to hear those words for myself. Our words bring blessing not only to receiver, but to the giver as well.

My husband and I have been meeting at our friend’s apartment on alternate Sunday mornings. We sing and soak in the Lord’s presence as we watch and worship the service online. Then she makes us lunch and we enjoy some blessed fellowship. This is church!

We received a request recently to help create care packages for front line workers, so we felt led to pitch in. We soon received a phone call from a friend from the past, thanking us profusely for the care package received. Little did we know that by responding to God’s leading we would bless a friend from the past.

We were invited to the home of a family that was feeling isolated during the pandemic. Since restrictions were a bit looser, we agreed. So, we met, chatted, worshiped, shared a brief discussion around God’s Word, prayed and then ate lunch together: our two friends that came with us, Mom and Dad and their two sons, and my wife and I.

My friend was called to the scene of a tragic accident involving someone from a family he knew. He did his best to assist the emergency response team and console the family. The next day I received a text from my friend saying, “I need to talk out this grief a bit.” The next thing we knew we were sitting on a park bench sharing hearts and praying together.

Recently I lost a good friend. To ease my deep pain, God gave me a picture of my friend walking with Jesus down a dirt road. Looking thirty years younger, she displayed the innocence of a child, and love flowed freely between them. God gave me a peace that only He can give.

I recently have had several meetings for coffee at Tim Horton’s with a man who was a professing atheist. We had just met again and were conversing about God’s purpose for his life and his plan of salvation through Christ. By the end of our time together that day he had received Christ as his personal Savior!

One of my siblings has a son. Angry words were said and he left home. Many years passed with no communication and much pain, but I continually reached out to God and encouraged my sister, finding out recently that my sister-in-law had also been praying. Seventeen years passed. The other day there was a knock on my sister’s door. There stood her son!

A FedEx driver delivered a package to my home the other day and, as we talked, we discovered that we both grew up in the same town. He told me of how his mother's cheerful devotion to Christ led his father to Christ. He eventually became a pastor. He then told me about his own relationship with Christ, his hope for eternal life and how he likes to share the encouraging love of God when he drops off packages.

I went to my dad’s house to help with a job. He came down the hall towards me and just after he greeted me, he felt extremely dizzy. Praise God that I was able to get him to the hospital, have him thoroughly checked out and be home again 8 hours later. God always has everything under control and he moves us where we need to be and at the right time!

My daily devotional had run out and I missed it. Meanwhile, I had agreed to the grandkids to look after their puppy for a few days. They arrived with dog toys and food, along with gifts for Grandma: a thank you card, homemade soup, a croissant, homemade baked goods and a copy of Our Daily Bread. They had been on a day trip and stopped at a little library outside a church. They told their mother that Grandma needed a copy of Our Daily Bread.

I had had surgery on my bowels, after which I collapsed and was unable to move my legs. On my way to get an MRI, I felt a strong urge to ask if there would be metal in my body from the operation. Apparently, I was full of staples, and had I undergone the MRI the staples would either be cauterized right into my skin or they would have been ripped out of my flesh! Thank God for the urge to ask the question!

My brother-in-law was fighting cancer and was not serving the Lord. On Tuesday of this week, God strongly urged me to write him a Gospel letter with a prayer at the end. I dropped it off on Wednesday for my sister to read to him. He was admitted into the hospice on Thursday and on Friday he passed away. While there are a lot of unknowns, the urgency I felt suggests that God wanted to save my brother-in-law, and the peace I had through it all suggests he did!

My father is fighting bladder cancer. While I have been praying for his healing, I have been moved into praying more for his salvation. We had started studying God’s plan of salvation in our life group, so two weeks ago I began sharing it with Dad. At one point I stood up, and was about to leave, but then I turned and asked him, “Would you like to do a ‘repeat-after-me prayer’ to receive Christ?” He said “Yes,” and he did!

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