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A Healing

“I am from Uganda, Africa. In 2018, I developed heart pain. It grew heavier, so my wife took me to the hospital, where they found that my main nerve had swollen. We did not believe the report.

“We then had to go to the international hospital, where they gave me the same report. The doctor there said to me, ‘You should not be in noisy places, and you should not be receiving calls, because any time your heart is going to burst, and that will be your end.’

“He continued to advise me to get 75 million (I guess that is in his local currency) to be taken to India for my case. It was terrifying, but I knew that there is a specialist Doctor and Healer, and his name is Jesus Christ.

“I was then taken back home because we did not have money to buy anything, and the doctor had said no tabs or any medication should be used.

“We believed God, but the pain was too much. The church prayed, for I could not lift my voice in prayer, and I could barely turn myself. Every day and every hour the pain increased. After three to five days, people started getting dreams, and they would bring them to us. I embraced them for myself, as I started realizing that God was in the process of a divine operation.

“One night, my wife had a dream. In the dream, three men came wearing white garments. One of them, who was ahead of the two others, was holding something like a bowl. He spoke these words: ‘Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him.’ (Psalm 91:14)

“After saying these words, the men disappeared. The following morning, I woke up, and realized that I had slept, after many days not being able to. And, as I woke up, I started turning my body parts. There was no pain!

“It was Sunday, so I went to church, which, of course, was a shock to all the people. There I praised God very loudly, jumped up and down, and I preached!

“All my children I care for celebrated with me, and cried because they were overjoyed. Many could not believe what had happened, and they thought that after church I was going to collapse. But I did not.

“Early the next morning I was referred to Mulago Heart institute to find out what was really happening. I was assigned a specialist, a Chinese doctor, to investigate. But, to God be the glory and honor, my heart system was normal!

“Halleluiah! I will always set my love upon Him who heals. I am free and I can do all things!”

I received this from a friend on Facebook.


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