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Praying With Grandkids

I have recently had the privilege of praying more regularly with my grandkids. My practice has been to go into their room just around bedtime and pray with my granddaughter before she goes to bed. After a while her little brother started noticing that this is something cool and now wants to be included as well. In addition, the dad is starting to appreciate this and is also becoming curious about what is going on.

Recently I had finished our little routine and had left the room, expecting that all was done and the little ones would settle in and be asleep soon. But then my little granddaughter comes toddling out in her pajamas saying, “Grandma, we forgot to pray for something. Can we go back and pray for that too?”

So back in I went, totally delighted that she is growing to understand that God is real, that he wants to be involved in the everyday things of her life, and that nothing can be overlooked.

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