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God's Plan of Salvation

Our kids being home from school during our recent lockdown has actually created some really cool opportunities that we never had before. One of them has been that I have been able to share God’s plan of salvation with my grandson – in a way that he understands it.

He had started drawing cartoon strips a while back and loves doing it. So, I started a project with him. First, I taped a number of blank white sheets of computer paper end to end on the short side, landscape style, using wide packing tape, creating 8 panels. Then, with a little coaching, he started drawing and coloring. Some were large pictures that covered the whole panel and some were cartoon strips with 4 to 6 boxes depicting different scenes. Each panel had the following themes.

  1. God created the earth and the whole universe, and everything was good.

  2. God created man in his image and placed them in Eden to share his glory and enjoy his presence forever.

  3. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and became separated from him.

  4. Man started experiencing all kinds of calamities because of the existence of sin in the world like sickness, violence, famine, hate, injustice, death, etc.

  5. Man tried to fix his problems through religion, career, being good, etc., but nothing worked.

  6. God sent his son Jesus and in living the life he did, dying on the cross, being raised from the dead and sending Holy Spirit, he made it possible to be saved and have eternal life.

  7. By accepting Jesus as our Saviour we can have a life of freedom on earth that is victorious and fulfilling.

  8. God has prepared a Heaven for us where we will live forever and that is more wonderful than we could ever imagine!

As an eight year old boy's imagination would have it, the story became peppered with spaceships and super heroes, but I loved how this all worked together to become part of his understanding of God’s plan of salvation for him. I will cherish this opportunity forever!

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