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Planting Seed

A person I work with was sharing his grief with me about the death of a very close family member. For the most part, I just listened, interjecting words of condolence where it was appropriate. As the conversation moved into talking about the brevity of life and the tragedy of death, words similar to the following started flowing from my lips.

“God created us all in his image and for a great purpose. His intention was to share everything he is and has with us forever. But sin interrupted God’s plan, and so disease, war, hate, crime, injustice, viruses, pain, death, etc. entered the world. We were not meant die, but to live forever, but instead, the existence of sin in us and in our world means that we are separated from God forever.”

“The good news,” I continued, “is this: Jesus Christ, God’s Son, came and took the punishment for our sin by dying in our place so that we can have eternal life. Because of what Christ did on our behalf, we can share all the benefits of being children of God, here on Earth and in Heaven forever.”

I think I placed a few key scriptures in there as well. Then I paused, allowing him time for reflection, while both of us exchanged a few comments and questions, and as I shared some of the things that God had done in my life.

When I felt it was appropriate, I said something like, “Would you like to receive forgiveness of all sin, make Christ Lord of your life and share forever in what he has promised?”

He paused, I waited, and he then said, “Let me think abut it.” At that point I said, “Ok, but I will be praying for you.”

After we parted I rejoiced. Even though he was not ready to commit his life to Christ at that moment, a seed was planted in his heart that was not there before, as I do not think that anyone had ever shared the Good News of Christ with him before. I rejoiced that my co-worker heard about God’s plan for his life, and that something was planted in his spirit that will one day bring salvation to him and to his household, making his home a house of praise!


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