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Church In The House

I received a phone call from a friend who shared with me that there was a family near where they lived that was feeling very isolated from the church family during the pandemic. Since this was a time when restrictions were a bit looser, we agreed to meet with them on Sunday morning.

So, when Sunday morning came, my wife and I drove to the address we were given to meet our friends, who introduced us to the family. We had actually met the mom and dad briefly before. We chatted for a bit, shared in a time of simple worship and a brief message and discussion around God’s Word, and then spent some time praying for and ministering to each other. After that we continued to fellowship as we all ate lunch together: our two friends, Mom and Dad and their two sons, and my wife and I.

It was memorable and significant.

While reflecting on the occasion on our drive home that afternoon, we started praising God as we realized that

  • We had experienced a fresh new encounter with Holy Spirit that day.

  • Holy Spirit is manifesting himself in so many diverse ways within and outside the Body of Christ during these times.

  • We had just experienced what “Church” must have been like in its early days when “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” (Acts 2:46)

Church in the house: what a fresh idea!


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