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Our Daily Bread

My daily devotional had run out. As COVID rules were in effect, I hadn’t really been anywhere to get another one. Online devotions weren’t really my thing. For a few weeks I read a couple of chapters around wherever the Bible would fall open. It just wasn’t the same as having a daily devotional.

The grandkids asked if I would look after their puppy for a few days so they could enjoy a short summer break at a friend’s cottage. Having no plans, I said yes. That’s what Grandma’s do. Plus, this puppy needed to get out of town and enjoy some rural life. Lots of wide-open spaces to run. Plenty of new things to sniff and bark at.

The day the puppy was dropped off the grandkids came into Grandma’s house with their arms loaded down with dog dishes, food, toys, blankets, a bed and leashes, plus bags of other things the dog might need over the next two days. Back out to the car they went to get more bags. I honestly thought the dog was moving in permanently with all of her belongings.

The second load of bags was gifts for Grandma. A thank you for looking after their puppy. One bag contained homemade soup and a croissant. At the bottom of the other bag hidden underneath some homemade baked goods was a copy of Our Daily Bread.

The grandkids had recently been on a day trip and stopped at a little library outside of a church. They told their mother that Grandma needed a copy of Our Daily Bread.

I hadn’t mentioned to anyone that I needed a devotional. How did the grandkids know? I always wondered if other people saw Jesus when they did life with me. I sure hope that’s what led the grandkids to pick up a copy of Our Daily Bread.


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