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Flower Blessing

A brother and sister in Christ blessed me with a petunia plant in a mason jar after a gathering in the parking lot outside the Selah Centre. Along with the petunia there was a small stake with a sign on it stuck in the dirt in the mason jar. The sign said, “Blessings to You” on one side and a bible verse on the other side. What a kind gesture.

The plant grew to the point that it was cascading over the sides of the mason jar and looked quite beautiful sitting in the kitchen window. A family member asked if I had anything that they could use at the entrance of the home that they were going to be selling. Something that would make the entrance-way look inviting to prospective buyers. They understood that the middle of summer wasn’t a good time to find plants.

The only plant I could offer was the cascading petunia. After transferring the petunia into a large decorative pot, I wasn’t sure if the “blessing sign” should be included. God urged me to include the sign, as it would be a blessing to many.

The potted petunia and “blessing sign” were a perfect fit for the house entrance. During the four-day period that appointments were scheduled for viewing the property, over two hundred people passed by the potted petunia and the “blessing sign.” By listening to and obeying God many were blessed.


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