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A Divine Connection

I was sweeping the sidewalk with my head down when I heard an older couple speak. They were visitors to my town and were thanking me for sweeping the walk ‘just for them.’ It was a nice morning and I asked them where they from. After telling me they asked if I know anyone from their village. A name popped out of my mouth before it even popped into my mind.

As soon as I said it, I realized it wasn’t the village they had named but they were already excited to tell me that they know the gentleman I named very well. Their son had started a spin-off business from him over 30 years ago and is still working at it. It turned out that I also know their son but haven’t seen him in almost as long.

During a drive in that area a few weeks ago I wondered if the old gentleman was still living and my sidewalk couple was able to tell me that he and his wife had both passed away. It was as if God had brought the gentleman to my mind and now was answering my question. Or, God brought him to my mind so I could connect with my sidewalk couple and be reconnected to an old acquaintance.

I don’t know yet if this encounter has more to unfold but I do know that it was a divine appointment, and a pleasant exchange between myself and new friends that put a smile on all our faces.


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