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A Birthday Card to a Man I Have Never Met

Today I sent a birthday card to a man I have never met. His picture and birthday announcement were in the Wellington Advertiser over a week ago so I tore it out and it’s been sitting on my side table since then.

The funny thing is that during one of the last visits I had with my uncle before he passed away, he showed me his wedding picture and told me that his best man, the maid of honor and himself were the only ones in the picture that were still living. I recognized the name of his best man as the person who was celebrating his 92nd. birthday last week. This made me smile and I just had to send him a card.

I didn’t know if he knew that his old friend (my uncle) had passed away a few days before Christmas. I included a letter and shared the news of my uncle’s passing and that he had been thinking of him not long ago. I’m trusting that my card and letter blesses him.

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