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Women's Group

Wednesday Woman's Group 7pm Every Wednesday,

Jan and Laura will be hosting a woman’s group on Zoom and every other Wednesday, on Zoom and at the Selah Centre.

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Youth Group

Tuesday YOUTH 7-9pm @ the Selah Centre (24 Wood St. Drayton). Grade 6-12. Our youth team is excited to host the youth at the Selah Centre. We’re excited about how God will use this time together to

Every Disciple Sent

Thursdays 7-9pm EveryDiscipleSent. Starting Thursday Sept 29th. 240 Queen St. North, Palmerston. Bonnie and Rudy are excited to host a “simple church” where disciples are trained and equipped to shar

Miracle Monday

Miracle Monday’s 9am : Location to be determined each week. Join Bonnie and Julia for a Miracle Monday walk. See what divine appointments God has for you. And then allow Holy Spirit to flow through


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