December 6, 2020 Pastor's Prep Notes

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

“every home a house of praise” --

Your home, a place of heavenly encounter and a mission from heaven to earth!




I am Gabriel, I stand in the very Presence of God, it was He who sent me to bring you this good news. Luke 1:19

Bible Story: Luke 1:39-56 Mary first goes to Elizabeth, then back home.


You’re Yes to Jesus, gives you the courage of heaven for life on earth.


Courage grows through relationships with God and people who know God’s love.


Take courage, God loves to reveal Jesus to the people who know you!

Reflection for Parent(s): Every home a house of praise!

Your yes to having Jesus live inside you was just the beginning of getting Christmas in the house. Not only your house but the houses of other.

Follow this story in Luke today and you will receive an impartation of divine courage. Is Mary afraid or is it just tradition to isolate yourself when you first become pregnant? Either way Mary “hurries” to go visit her relative. I imagine she is both fearful and excited to share her news. I want us to see the value of having “people” in our life. People who walk with God. People who more likely than not will be able to understand what we is going through. We all need people like that in our lives. Next see what God does. Before she opens her mouth, God reveals to Elizabeth the reality of Mary’s decision to bring Jesus into the world. How amazing is this! God does this kind of stuff in our lives too! Live with Divine Courage! Risk taking Jesus into your everyday life and wait to see what God does in, through and for your everyday people! And just as the rest of the story goes, God will give us the courage to carry Christ back to our family (see Lk1:56). Divine Courage, it’s how God get’s Christmas, into your house and mine! What a miracle.

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